Photovoltaic plant for your balcony reduce your monthly cost and protect the environment

Are you looking to cut down your energy bills by using renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly? Photovoltaik Balkonkraftwerk, an efficient and space-saving method to generate energy, offers the best solution to balance sustainability and savings. Learn more about the advantages of this small-scale plant and learn how to receive tax benefits to install it.

Pros and Cons of a Photovoltaic System on a Balcony

Balcony photovoltaic models feature an appealing compact design. They are particularly useful because of their mobility on four small wheels, which permits them to move towards the best sunlight exposure. The advantages and drawbacks of this style are obvious due to the tiny dimensions that the panel is when viewed from the balcony. In addition to the advantages, the immense flexibility provided by its compact size, mobility and the capability to control manually, “follow” the sun’s position at various hours of the day need to certainly be pointed out. Additionally, the installation of this kind of device is not required even the tiniest amount approval from the administrative department.

Photovoltaic plant powering the balcony Costs of the balcony power plant and performance

The balcony system is comprised of these components:

  • A 100 Wp panel (the peak watt represents the highest theoretical power the electricity generator is able to generate)
  • frames that contain the entire system within one square meter of space. The inverter (necessary to change between direct and alternate)
  • The charge controller and the batteries that are used for the storage of power from around 100 amps
  • The latter permits the power plant to use its energy in a delayed manner for instance, in the evening , or at the night.

What factors in the dimension of my home determine the amount that solar panels I will need?

Although the size of solar panels maintained a relatively constant size throughout the years, energy production from the same location has seen a significant increase. The system comes in two sizes that are 1,200 or 2,400W/h. It was designed for scalability, meaning that it is able to be upgraded as necessary. The solar cells convert sunlight’s energy into electricity that is then delivered through the controller for charge that provides a steady output to the storage battery. Due to the built-in converter the stored energy is able to charge all low voltage devices including lamps and freezers, in addition to equipment that operates at 230V.

Photovoltaic plant for powering balconies The following uses are suggested

Now that we’ve identified the features of a solar system that is viewed from an outdoor balcony, let’s try to find out what the best options to enhance its efficiency. In the first place, as already mentioned, this section permits flexible use within the home with regard to mobility as well as the capability to make use of the energy stored during the evening. It’s not a replacement for more traditional methods but it’s an intriguing way to cut down on usage. The planter option is able to be positioned in the same spot as the railing is stunning as well.