Bitso and Mastercard Launch Debit Card in Mexico: Make Crypto Payments Easier!

• Bitso, a Latin American crypto exchange, launched a debit card in Mexico in partnership with Mastercard.
• Mastercard also has partnerships with Binance, Belo and Buenbit in the Latin American crypto ecosystem.
• Bitso operates in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia with over 6 million users and 1,500 institutional clients.

Bitso Launches Debit Card in Mexico

Latin American crypto exchange Bitso has partnered with Mastercard to launch a debit card for customers in Mexico. The card is now available to more than 100,000 users who requested it after it was enabled for feedback purposes last November.

Mastercard Partnerships Across Latin America

Mastercard’s portfolio of partnerships in Latin America extends beyond Bitso to include Binance, Belo and Buenbit. Despite reports that the company was taking steps back from the crypto space, they have told CoinDesk that they still intend to bring relevant payments solutions and programs to market along with their partners.

Bitso’s Services Across South America

In addition to its operations in Mexico where the debit card is available, Bitso also offers services across Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. The exchange currently has over 6 million users as well as 1,500 institutional clients using its platform. In September 2022 it enabled QR code payments using Argentine pesos as well as bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and DAI stablecoin.

Visa Continues Crypto Plans Despite Winter

Despite reports of a winter cooling off within the cryptocurrency space, both Visa and Mastercard are continuing their plans around cryptocurrency-related products and services according to statements made by each company respectively.

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